10 Contemporary Homes with Interior Courtyards

When the sun is shining down on your home there’s nothing more pleasant than enjoying your home and surroundings. The focal point of your home have a tendancy to be the darkest places, which can be quite a mood killer. Who wouldn’t love to see the sunlight, feel the fresh air, if so you may want to consider an interior courtyard or garden to help lift the mood. Check out these stunning properties with a centrepiece made for summer.

Photo by Juan Solano Ojasiy

This stunning penthouse apartment titled Tehama Grasshopper was built in a run down warehouse in San Francisco. The top level is home to the glass-enclosed courtyard.

This two-story property is host to this stunning sky garden, named the cube house it was designed by John Maniscalco Architecture and offers a great place to enjoy the sun and breeze.

Built in Peru, this heavenly property named Casa Cachalotes, by Oscar Gonzalez Moix, flows perfectly with the green surroundings and creates a feeling of being in nature with this stunning double-story garden.

Photo by Florian Grohen

To achieve this bright, light filled residence, architect Elaine Richardson created the Open House in Sydney, Australia. To open the space up and enjoy the sun, the property opens up sliding glass doors.

Photo by Mariko Reed

San Francisco-based Klopf Architecture built an atrium in the hallway as part of an addition added to the front of an Eichler house they designed. The small space helps bring light and nature into the new extension.

Photo by Marco Zanta

This property located in Treviso was designed by BoA Studio Architetti  and features a central helical staircase adjacent to a full room-length glass greenhouse helping to open the rooms up to the outside world.

Photo by Mike Sinclair

Constructed to be a U-shape property by the magnifcent Hufft Projects, the Curved House pulls the outside in with a beautiful central courtyard.

Photo by Iwan Baan

This Oregan based cortyard property built by NO Architecture runs around an open courtyard that provides light and fresh air into the home while providing a wall for the different spaces of the property.

Photo by Derek Swalwell

The Greenbank Park property, designed by HYLA Architects runs around a stunning frangipani tree in the middle of a pond inside of a two-storey property for a truly stunning affect. It also resembles one I observed at Apartments in St. Paul 



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