5 Budget Friendly Kitchen Upgrades

Do you want to upgrade your kitchen, but don’t have the funds for a complete over haul? Jennifer at JENRON DESIGNS has shared, 5 simple ways to add a custom feeling to any kitchen with out breaking the bank.

Project 1:  Change Out Your Pantry Door


This is  another simple upgrade which will improve your home and give your kitchen a little personality. Yes doors can range anywhere from $100 up to $1,000. Mine seen below, was $144 at Home Depot, and I added the PANTRY logo myself which kept the project very cost effective. The details of Upgrade Your Pantry Door & DIY will be available at the title link.

Project 2:  Upgrade Your Kitchen Island

If you follow my blog you know that I just recently added wainscots panels to to base of my kitchen island to give it a more custom feel. (Link here to Upgrade Your Kitchen Island) I opted to do the wainscots panels, because it matched the existing columns in my home.  Please do not think you are limited to only this option. To make you island your own you could add bead board, reclaimed wood pallet boards, judge’s panels, or even just paint it a bright fun color.  This was one of the easiest things to do, that gives you son much bang for your buck.

Project 3:  Add a Coffee Nook

Make yourself a fun coffee bar using a old piece of furniture, or coffee corner in a designated area of your kitchen. I have used this trick in two houses that I lived in, and I promise it gives you kitchen an instant facelift with things you already own. Just designate an area in your kitchen, it could be as simple as a upper cabinet as seen below, and put everything you need to have your own little coffee bar. I even included a small trash can to discard your empty pods and stir sticks. Added in a selection of coffee syrups and a variety of hot beverage choices, now all you are missing is the barista.

Don’t forget the Windows is one of the easiest things to add color and decoration to kitchen is installing window treatments. A cute little cafe curtain, a cornice board or roman shades come to mind. Not a curtain fan? Well you can add a fun custom sign, these are so popular right now. You would utilize the sign, in the place of a cornice board over the window. We actually made our own custom signage in Rustic Sunday Brunch (link here) in lieu of curtains. You should also consider some essential kitchen appliances if you want a kitctchen taht’s both functioanl and aesthetically pleasing.

Project 5: Set The Table

You would be surprised at the number of people that over look this super simple decorating tip.  It is literally one of the easiest way to decorate your kitchen table or island for the season. Make sure to layer your pieces in cohesive colors for a real lux feel. Chagers, placemats, plates and napkins, maybe add in a fun decorative plate to mirror the season or color story.






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