5 Tips for a Fun and Functional Family Room!

Family rooms, the centerpiece of the home (next to the kitchen of course) where we gather, hang out and make memories.  Because of the amount of time we spend there, shouldn’t we make it the most fab it can be?  I’ve got 5 easy tips to make your family room space fun, functional and beautiful ALL at the same time!


It’s practical, functional and can definitely be beautiful.  I’ve got a large coffee table with 4 big drawers (2 on each side) that hold things like remotes, magazines, board games and toys.  It makes for quick and easy clean up while still looking beautiful.  You can also do this with storage ottomans or a vintage trunk acting as your coffee table!

More storage in the form of baskets!  I have 2 baskets that live under a bench and those hold a warm blanket for snuggies with the kiddos and extra toys. You can totally incorporate baskets into some great shelving (acrylic shelving, diy pipe shelving, floating shelves, etc) too.  Knock out 2 for 1 using the shelving for storage and some small baskets that fit on the shelving for things like toys, remotes, coasters, etc.


I’m a color-a-holic, no doubt about it.  Mother nature has every shade of every color somewhere so why not take a little hint from her?  Color doesn’t have to mean overwhelming and messy.  If you like a more toned down look you can have just a couple pops of color in the form of pillows and throws while keeping everything else more neutral.  If you’re a color lover like me go for the blue sofa!  This is about incorporating colors that you love and make you happy.  If you’re space is happy, you will be too!


Furniture arrangement matters.  Why?  Because you want a great flow and traffic pattern while being practical and functional for using the space as intended.  I have 2 sofas facing each other in my family room. It makes for a great traffic pattern through and around the room while providing a great conversational area.  It also allows something to be the star other than the tv.  Your eye isn’t immediately directed to it via the furniture arrangement.  Not to say a sofa facing the tv is a bad thing but have some other elements around it that add visual interest.  Also if you have one main piece, like a sofa, facing the tv try to have a couple of side chairs with side tables, one on either side of the sofa for conversational seating and to balance out the space.  Just play with the furniture you have and try different arrangements.  Just changing the layout can make an entire room feel brand new without spending any $$


This is where you can really have fun and make the space yours.  Color can do this to an extent but what I mean here is; do you have things you purchased during your travels or from childhood that are important to you?  Are you a thrifter and love finding the unique and one of a kind? Showcase those items by incorporating them into your room.  Old quilts passed down from family or made by yourself?  Display them on a ladder leaning against a wall!  Fab pillow covers made from turkish rugs or an interesting tapestry?  Put those bad boys up and out, it’s your home make it look and feel like you!

Here I’ve got some of the hubs’ childhood trophies displayed on a shelf, kids art pieces, and my personal obsession, vintage books all over the place. Memories that evoke happiness and say exactly who we are surround us.


Ok this seems kind of bland and boring compared to the others I mentioned but is uber important.  Consider installing a dimmer on your main overhead lighting, it will give you the ability to create a mood, like dimming for movie watching  or brightening for game night.  Add things like lamps on your console or side tables for more specific activities like reading or computer work.  Lighting can make a huge impact on a space, especially when you combine it with time of day and specific activities or uses.

Take these 5 tips and go give your family/living room space a little uplift! You will have a fun, functional and personal family room where you can relax and enjoy quiet and/or family time.  It’s your space let’s get it to look like you too!

Tina Bousu runs a DIY blog at Blog.eclectictwist.com




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