Best Bamboo Sheets & Bedding

The word bamboo probably conjures up images of the far east and pandas and the hard, flexible plant they love feasting on so much. Many people would probably assume that using it to create anything soft would be impossible but the truth is that bamboo sheets are extremely soft and highly durable. This combination makes them ideal for anyone’s bed set collection.

Take a look at the bamboo sheets we have compared below to see what’s available, why it’s sought after by those who suffer from allergies and understand why it’s used in some of the biggest names in the hotellier industry.

Bamboo Supply Co. – “World’s Softest Sheets” – 4 Piece Bedding Set

Bamboo Supply Co.The Bamboo Supply Co has a solid reputation in the production of bamboo bedding and the motto – “The World’s Softest Sheets” is certainly welcome. Even though bamboo sheets are renowned for their ultra-soft touch that rival even the most luxurious Egyptian cotton, the intricate twill weave from the company take softness and comfort to the next level.

The biggest benefit of 100% bamboo sheets and bedding is their hypoallergenic properties. Although the softness of these sheets can’t be understated, the reviews online indicate this set has recieved a largely positive response from individuals who tend to suffer from skin irratation. Another highlight for those with allergies is the fact that these sheets have been manufacturered with the advantage of a OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification. This is worth mentioning, since it’s an independant environmental testing and certification standard that confirms there are no irritants in them.


There are a few negative aspects to the sheets. To begin, they have a tendancy to crease if you don’t fit them and make your bed as soon as you’ve finished washing and drying them. This is nothing exclusive to the Bamboo Supply Co, it’s something that is found with many bamboo sheets. In addition, the company seem to only sell them through their site currently.

Cariloha Sateen Weave Resort Sheets – 4 Piece Bed Sheet Set

Cariloha Sateen Weave Resort SheetsThe naturally hand picked bamboo threads are woven together to create a silky-smooth and extremely soft sheet meaning this sheet set by Cariloha is much more softer than cotton and other fabrics. The sheets are luxurious, clean and beautiful to the touch. Like the above brand they are hypoallergenic and collect body moistures ensuring you have a cool and hugenic nights sleep. They are high quality meaning they come in at a bit higher price than other brands, but a worthwhle investment nonetheless.

An key advtange of the Cariloha set is the cooling quality they provide, helping to actively control the temperature of your body during sleep at all times of the year. Cariloha have a solid reputation in the bamboo product industry and perhaps boast the softest bamboo sheets available today.

Ultra Soft Bamboo Sheet Set by ExceptionalSheets

Egyptian cotton, satin and silk are synomous with luxury and softness, but these bamboo sheets put bamboo firmly in the caveat of “Ultra Soft” bedding. Bamboo is one of the softest fabrics on the planet. These silky sheets naturally fit to the contour of your body for a sleeping expierence you could only dream of.

Bamboo is not only good for your sleep, but being sustaible itsa great for the environment too. No animals are involved, meaning its a perfect material for begans, vegeatarians and even the eco-warriors out there.

LINENSPA Ultra Soft Luxury 100% Rayon from Bamboo Sheet Set

Hotelliers, royatly and now the mass market, all enjoy the luxury and comfort of bamboo sheets. LINENSPA is a new arrival and they have made quite an impression. This set of bamboo bedding hosts all the typical advantages of bamboo, but offer better value for money meaning even those on a budget can enjoy the comfort and silk like feel of a bamboo sleep.

Don’t neglect the fact that bamboo is antimicrobial, breathable and doesn’t involve animals in its production making it pretty much a green choice all round.Malouf 4 Piece Bamboo Sheet Set

Malouf 4 Piece Bamboo Sheet Set

A bamboo bedding set that enable you to easily slip it over a mattress of uptop 20″ and while also being Hypoallergenic, makes this bamboo sheet set by Malouf ideal for a comfortable slumber.

The superior quality and natural woven fabric makes it an ideal option for those with easily irriated skin. It is heavenly to the touch and has a bilt in cooling function aiding in body temperature control during sleep.

The Major Advantages of Bamboo Bed Sheets

Bamboo sheets are not only extremely soft but also have a considerable number of other noteworthy benefits:

  • Eco-friendly – When you swap your nylon, cotton and synthenic sheets for luxury and natural bamboo you can be confident that you’re making an environmentally friendly choice. For starters, bamboo bed linen is sourced from a natural source that doesn’t involve animals or harmful chemicals and industrial processes. Moreover, bamboo is collected from bamboo plants and the roots of the plant are commonly left intact meaning the plant can easily and quickly recover. It also doesn’t require as much water and resources as other types of plant crops.
  • Antimicrobial propertiesMany investigations have demonstrated the bacterial resistance of bamboo sheets in comparison to other types of fabrics in the healthcare sector, including cotton.
  • Cooling sheets that help control body temperature – Bed sets such as those mentioned in the above bamboo sheet reviews are often marketed as helping to control and regulate body heat. The actual terminology is called “moisture wicking”. This ability means they are able to remove body moisture helping to keep the body warmer on cold nights and colder on warm nights. This is ideal for individuals who struggle to regualte their body temperature and often struggle to sleep as a result of temperature peaks.
  • Stain resistant – Many users of bamboo linen note the stain resistance of the fabric that means spillages don’t stick and are very easy to wipe or wash away.
  • Soft, luxury comfort – A major benefit of bamboo sheets is their luxury feel. Even when they have been washed numerous times they don’t degrade as fast as inferior fabrics such as cotton. Instead they remain soft, lightweight and luxuirious to the touch, providing you with a peaceful, beautiful sleep.

How to Care for Bamboo Sheets

Just like other types of bedding bamboo sheets need to be cared for and treated properly to ensure they last as long as possible and maintain their qualities. Understanding how to care for bamboo sheets will help you maintain them and benefit from them for a long time.

Check out the hints and tips below to understand how to keep your stunning bamboo bedding next to new for years to come.

  • Cold water – Just like other delicate fabrics, bamboo sheets and bedding is best washed with cold water. Don’t be concerned if you think they may not wash properly as they wash very well at cold temperatures. This will help you avoid the unnecessary damage caused by heat washing. The only time is is acceptable to use hot water is when you first open the bedding, which will help it to shrink to the designed size.
  • Dry carefully – Drying things naturally usually woks best – in the natural sunlight and with a breeze. If this isn’t always possible use the lowest setting on your tumblr dryer.
  • Don’t mix with other colors – This is a general rule and is no different when it comes to washing bamboo fabrics, do not mix colors to avoid them bleeding into one another.
  • No bleach or harmful products – Never use harmful bleaches or whitners on your sheets, this will decrease their longevity. For a longer life never use bleach or dryer sheets.
  • Natural stain removers – In the unfortunate even that you stain your bamboo sheets you should use natural stain removers and avoid harmful and harsh chemicals such as bleach. Instead, opt for soaking in hydrogen peroxide prior to washing in cold water. In addition, you will discover that a mix of white vinegar and water is an affective natural stain remover ideal for bamboo linen.