The Best Bathroom Lotion Dispensers

The best way to keep your lotion at hand in the bathroom is by placing it in an easy to pump dispenser. There are several choices when it comes to what you’d like your dispenser to look like. Gather some inspiration from the following list and learn about which ones are the best on the market!

InterDesign Nogu Stainless Steel

Best Lotion Dispensers 2

A favorite amongst lotion dispensers, this stainless steel finish makes the dispenser sleek and up to date. Because of the finish, it also won’t get dirty and will remain easy to clean when you need to. The wide opening at the top makes refills a breeze.

InterDesign Olivia Tall

Best Lotion Dispensers 3

If you are looking for a more rustic model, check this one out. It has a darker finish that is still made out of stainless steel, but appears more bronze and antique. It makes the perfect addition to any bathroom.

InterDesign Forma Glass

Best Lotion Dispensers 4

For a fun approach, opt for this glass bulb. It is clear, so the color of the lotion will determine what color the dispenser looks like. Again, it has a wide opening so you can fill the product with ease and works perfectly in any bathroom.

mDesign Double Soap and Lotion Dispenser

Best Lotion Dispensers 4

This product is a two in one! You can store your lotion as well as your soap in this elegant dispenser. It is made of a durable plastic so that it will not be easy to break if it gets knocked over accidentally.

InterDesign Vine Ceramic

Best Lotion Dispensers 6

If you want a dispenser that serves a more decorative purpose, check this one out! It comes with a beautiful holder that is decorated with vines. The material is rust-proof so it will remain looking brand new, even with use.

mDesign Soap and Lotion Dispenser

Best Lotion Dispensers 7

This product mimics old school style in the bottle with a modern twist in hardware with the pump. It is a unique dispenser that is bound to add character to the room. It is easy to fill and just as easy to keep clean.

InterDesign Gia Stainless Steel


Best Lotion Dispensers 8

If you don’t really want to draw attention to the dispenser, go for this sleek and simple one. It is compact and just the right size. It has a nice finish that makes it easy to maintain with upkeep.

Creative Scents Brushed Nickel

Best Lotion Dispensers 9

If you do wish to go for a statement, this dispenser is a great choice. The mosaic glass pattern makes it look intricate while the base of the dispenser resembles a pearl. This is definitely an eye-catching piece.

Creative Scents Vintage White

Best Lotion Dispensers 10

A beautiful and small way to keep your lotion handy, this dispenser has intricate details. The finish makes it appear vintage while still keeping it modern with the shiny hardware. It is a sturdy piece and will fit on most vanities.

Allen + Roth Bronze Metal

Best Lotion Dispensers 11

Bold and bronze, this dispenser is sleek and useful. It provides a very clean look and does not appear to be too feminine. This is suitable for all bathroom countertops and can be paired nicely with a toothbrush holder.





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