Best Cooling Pillows for a Good Nights Sleep

Tossing and turning on a hot day is never fun. You can turn on the fan or open your windows, and that still may not be enough to help with the sweltering heat. Using a cooling pillow levels out your body temperature directly, leaving you feeling relaxed and able to get a great night’s sleep. These pillows are easily obtainable and come in a wide variety of styles.

Coop Home Goods – The Eden Pillow

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This pillow features hypoallergenic material with several layers to provide you with a cool night’s sleep. The pillow is meant to adjust to you, forming perfectly to hold your neck and head while you sleep. It is also adjustable, allowing for you to remove some of the filling if you need to.

Sleep Innovations Forever Cool Gel

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The inside of this pillow is made up of gel memory foam that has a cooling effect. The fibers of the material are meant to move heat away from the body. This pillow always holds its shape and comes with a 5-year warranty.

Classic Brands Reversible Cool Gel

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It is outwardly clear to see that this pillow was made to cool you off. This is a versatile product, allowing for one side to cool you and then the other side to use on colder nights. No matter which side you are using, the pillow promotes airflow so that you will achieve a restful night’s sleep.

Perfect Cloud Dual Option Cooling

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Great support and hypoallergenic, this pillow is a favorite. The gel memory foam completely supports you and aligns you properly throughout the night. Each side contains different levels of cooling that you can use to your liking.

Penguin Cooling Pillow Mat

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If you already have a pillow that you love to sleep on, try placing this cooling mat on top. It fits over all standard sized pillows, so you can use it on the ones you already have at home. It is also leak-free, ensuring that the cooling gel will stay in place.

Cr Sleep Reversible Memory Foam

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Another reversible pillow option, this one is naturally resistant to allergens, mold, dust, mites, and other bacteria. You will get great sleep using it and knowing that you are going to stay cool and healthy. It is suitable for all sleepers, especially those with chronic pain

Chillow – Cooling Pillow

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This is another simplistic approach to keeping your body temperature down while you sleep. This cooling pillow is thin enough to use on its own and also great as an insert to your normal pillow. You can even place it into the fridge before use for an extra cooling effect.

Cooling Gel Memory Foam Pillow

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The unique shape and design of this pillow was made to keep the heat away from you. It remains evenly cool throughout the night and feels great to sleep on. It even comes with a money-back guarantee!

ViscoSoft Hypoallergenic Memory Foam Standard Arctic Gel

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The cooling gel in this pillow is specially designed to optimize your airflow. The texture of it is medium-soft, perfect for supporting your body and also maintaining comfort levels. You will wake feeling fresh and soothed in the morning after sleeping on this pillow.

FlyCreat Cooling Pillow

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If you suffer from migraines, fevers, or hot flashes, this pillow could be a great resource. Use it alone or place it on top of (or inside of) your regular pillow. It is convenient and easily foldable, perfect if you want to bring it along while you travel.



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