Best Pellet Stoves

best pellet stovesPellet stoves are a modern take on their older rival – the classic wood burning stove. As well as a basic fire pot where the wood is burnt as fuel, pellet burning appliances feature modern innovations to improve overall function and efficiency including heat exchangers, augers and thermostat control. Moreover, since the fire is more enclosed in comparison to wood stoves many people find them safer, especially for those with children and pets.

Pellet stoves are easier to maintain and require less cleaning than wood stoves. They don’t need refuelling on a daily basis, nor do they to be lit by hand which can be a hassle, especially after a hard day at work. Instead, they have a built-in automatic ignition for conveniece, as well as a thermostat so you can remain in control of your heating at all times.

The downside is that pellet stoves are pricier than wood stoves and many people reccomend getting them professionally installed, which may bump up the price even further. However, in the long-run these initial expenses will be worth it and since you don’t need a chimney, just a simple vent can help cut costs.

Another major downside of pellet stoves is the fact that you need to use wood pellets that can be an issue for some not located near to any retailers. Unlike wood logs, pellets can be expensive and this is typically dependant on local demand. Therefore, before purchasing a stove ensure you check your local suppliers and calculate the probably running costs.

Pellet Stoves Reviewed

As you may imagine there are a vast number of pellet stoves available and as a result we have selected and picked some of the most reputatble stoves from a range of price ranges to suit the budgets of everyone.

The Top Pick

US Stove 5660 Bay Front Pellet Stove After eveluating a wide range of stoves, we feel that the best option for those with a big budget in mind is the US Stove 5660 Bay Front Pellet Stove, which provides the best combination of efficiency, burn time and superb features. With 6 heat settings, enabling good control of the temparture of your home and giving you the ability to adjust it to your heating needs. US Stove states that it burns up to a 26-hours; although the majority of buyers state that they achieve between 12 to 20 hours, which is largely controlled by heater setting and weather conditions.The US Stove offers British thermal units or BTUs of heat- adequate to provide heating for up to 2,200 square feet.

Since pellet stoves are quite intricate, their efficiency and ability to heat your home is linked to how well your clean and maintain them, even the most repuatble brands have a few bad reviews. The main issue for the US Stove is that the ignition has a tendancy to go off as well as auger issues.

Although we’re not disputing that the US Stove or any stove would benefit from routine cleaning, many customers state that the US brand is less demanding to clean and usually willing to continue operating throughout the periods of neglect. Some users have mentioned that they have had their stove for several years with zero issues or fixes required. The US Stove brand has a solid reputation for its simple, straightforward operation and note that it isn’t as difficult to use as other leading brands.

For Those on A Budget

If you have a budget then there is still a good range of lower-cost pellet stoves. The disadvantages of a low cost pellet unit are increased noise, decreased efficiency and other issues regarding quality and overall finish. This can be alleviated by utilising premium pellets and carefully mointering and abiding by the manufacturer’s maintenance guidelines can help increase the longevbity of the stove.

The best pellet stove for those on a budget is the Castle Serenity. The Serenity has a good reputation among users for being well-built and highly efficient, and the majority of reviewers state that the comapny provide 5-star customer service. That is suprising for budget stoves and is typically only found for models exceeding $2,000.

The Castle Serenity is a powerful heater, pumping out arounf 35,000 BTUs and with an integrated thermostat (in the form of a heat probe) as well as a powerful 140-cfm blower, its advertised to heat up to 2,800 square feet. It’s worth noting that when the probe hits the designated temperature, it is set to immediately start blowing the hot air from the fan and won’t switch off, so heat will continue to be pumped out just at a slower rate. Maintaining and cleaning the Serenity is very straightforward, simple let the stove cool, clean the ash and sweep the inner tubing. For more information on heating appliance and for in-depth reviews check out HeatReviews

Why Pellet Stoves are better than Electric or Gas Fireplaces

Pellet stoves have become increasingly popular in the USA and the EPA website ( states that there are over 12 million stoves in use today in the United States. That is a huge number, and although most of them in use are old, less efficient models, there is still solid reasons why you ought to invest in a wood burning stove.

Firstly you’ve got to think about gas and electric energy, gas produces a lot of heat and is quite efficient, however electrical heat is typically less effective than both gas and electric. Additionally you’ve got to consider the ever increasing energy bills, every years it’s getting more expensive to heat your home thanks to greedy energy companies. Wood and pellets are much cheaper than both and potentially save you hundreds of dollars each year.

Next you’ve got to consider the beauty of pellet stoves, nothing at all compares to a lovely pellet burning stove on a cold winter night. The burning flames and crackling sounds of the wood is such a nice thing for you and your family to observe, in addition to the actual structure of the stove which is often much more impressive than an ugly electric heater.

Another great thing about stoves is that they are heated by wood or pellets (Ash is reccomended), which means you have much more control over your energy consumption. For example if you have a local log store where you buy pellets in bulk, you can then easily and visually see how much fuel you have remaining and be very aware of how much you are using which means you can avoid wasting wood/pellets and save a tonne of cash.

Ultimately, by exchanging your gas fireplace and electrical heaters with a pellet stove you can save literally thousands over several years on your bills. Lastly you’ve got to consider the fact that a wood burning stove means you can quite easily live off the grid, meaning in the event that your fuel was cut off for some reason, you could quite easily continue to heat your home keeping you and your loved ones warm.


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