How to Build a Shipping Container Home

There’s only one barrier between building and owning your perfect shipping container home and that’s knowing exactly where to start the process.

So, if you love the idea of owning your very own shipping container home and want to know where to begin, then this roundup of the best available guides out there is sure to help you on your way to building your own shipping container home.

In order to succeed at building your dream home, it’s important that you plan the entire process from start to finish and that means being aware of what’s involved. That includes things like applying for a building permit and getting it approved successfully and as fast as possible.

You may also have an abudance of other questions running through your mind, like where to buy a container from? How to design your container home? Questions like these are often the only stumbling blocks between making your dream home a reality.

Here are some of the best free and paid guides to help you on your way to shipping container success:

1. Build A Container Home

This is the first paid container home guide within the list and for the price you are paying for a comprehensive guide packed with everything you need to know about the legalities, planning and design of your container building project, it’s well worth it. The creator, named Warren Thatcher answers many of the common questions and concers including how to plan your construction project from start to finish, where to source your container from and how to prevent it from ending up looking like an ugly metal box.

The only downside to this guide is that it comes with a price, but of course, you are paying for a guide ram packed with answers to all the questions you have, including the things you probably haven’t even considered. However, don’t worry, since some of the other resources we’ve posted in our list are completely free, although it’s worth noting that they are by no means as comprehensive and helpful, so it’s probably worth investing a little to plan something so challenging and costly.

2. The Tin Cabin Blog

This is genuinly helpful blog packed with guides and information from a gentlemen named Steve from northern Wisconsin. The blog documents Steve’s journey from sourcing a container, building the foundations and securing a building permit. The best part is that he is extremely detailed in his descriptions, often providing step-by-step instructions on exactly how he constructed his container home and the many barriers he faced along the way. Best of all, he provides photos of the process and work he does, which provides a brilliant insight in what you can expect in terms of the required labor and materials needed. Check out the Tin Cabin blog here for more information.

3. Arch Daily Inpiration

You will discover many free articles on Arch Daily – the most visited architecture website, discussing a range of topics related to building and designing container homes. Perhaps one of the best articles is this one that outlines the things you need to know before you decide to build a shipping container home. This provides a great overview of the advantages of building a container home, as well as potential limitations and barriers, which is great reading for those with a little curiosity who are just beginning to consider the idea of building a home using recycled containers.

4. Container Home Plans

This is the second paid guide in our list and as well as providing a helpful and complete guide on how to build a container home, for an extra fee, it also comes with an accomponying book containing actual container home plans. This is beneficial for those not wanting to study the complexities of design, or hire an expensive arhictect and interior designer to draw up the designs for you. This helps you save time and money you would otherwise need to invest.

The plans claim to enable you to build a container home for less than $35,000, which is certainly appealing considering the ever increasing house prices. Also included are end of chapter checklists to help keep your planning/building on track. Although the reviews on this guide don’t seem to be as positive as the first paid guide we listed, it’s certainly worth a read for those who want access to a well-thought out and solid resource.

5. Pinterest Shipping Container Ideas

Although pinterest is not not exclusively a resource for the planning and building of  a shipping container home, you will discover that there is a lot of inspiration and ideas floating around. With a simple search for keywords such as “container homes” you will find a vast array of container home images, from the more DIY approach to those designed by architects and expierenced builders.

With the ever increasing cost of house prices, it’s no suprise people are looking for new and innovative solutions to escape a life of debt and misery. Many people have sought refuge in the idea of using old or new shipping containers to build a cost-effective and functional home, so if you want to know how to build a shipping container home check out the resources above and make sure to keep us updated on your projects!







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