DIY Giant Patio Clock

This summer, I’ve really been trying to make my porch and patio the perfect outdoor family relaxation space…

My budget was pretty tight this year, so I pretty much tried to DIY just about everything that we needed out there, including my latest addition, my DIY Giant Patio Clock!

I had this old table sitting out in The Project Pile, that I had picked up on the side of the road for free, probably before I even had kids… Wow – that seems like forever ago!

The tabletop was in kind of rough shape, and was also the perfect size to hang right above my DIY Bench, so I decided to go for it!

Here’s what the tabletop looked like before I started.

I decided that for this clock, that I would try the white-wash look, so that you could still see a hint of the grain.

I used white chalk paint and mixed it with water, until I had a really thin consistency.

I then started applying it in thin coats to my tabletop.



  1. Always apply very, very thin coats!
  2. Always keep your brush strokes moving in the same direction.
  3. Always keep stroking your brush back and forth, until it’s no longer having any affect, before adding more.


You can see here what the white-washing application looks like with one coat on the left, versus a second coat on the right.

I used about four thin coats to get the desired look that I was going for.

After my white-washing was finished, I used a meter stick to find the center of my tabletop and mark out the twelve o’clock, three o’clock, six o’clock and nine o’clock positions. I then used stencils and grey paint to add my numbers.

I already had this grey paint mixed up from a previous project that I had helped my good friend with. We had used white and black chalk paint to mix up this perfect blend of grey, to paint an old wine rack. You can read more about it, if you like, right here!

The whole time that I had been working on my giant patio clock, up until this point, I had been trying to dream up exactly how I was going to decorate it.

Finally, a vision came to me…

Hydrangeas and boxwood!

Although I think that white hydrangeas are just so pretty, I decided to paint the ones for my clock grey, so that you would be able to tell the time from a further distance away.

Again, I used my meter stick to measure out the positions of where the other numbers on my clock would go.

I then used a teeny-tiny bit of hot glue on the back of each of my flowers’ petals, to stick them to the clock.

After gluing on my hydrangeas, I then drilled out the middle of my tabletop/clock, and inserted my time-keeping mechanism.

I picked up my time-keeping mechanism from Michael’s, and purchased the one that came with the longest hands that they sold.

However, the hands just weren’t quite long enough for my tabletop/the look that I was trying to achieve…

It took me a little bit of time to design just exactly how I was going to devise my own set of clock hands, and well, this is what I came up with…


Umm… A paint stick and a knife?!

Yeppers! I used that knife to whittle down a couple of old paint sticks into the perfect pair of clock hands!

I then painted my clock hands grey, and fastened them to my time-keeping mechanism.

And… Voila – I had my self a giant patio clock!

The very last thing that I did to my clock, was add in the boxwood. I just picked some sprigs out of the front flowerbed, and stuck them in behind the flowers. This way, they are not permanent and can be removed at anytime.

So here is the finished project! It really was one of those “while the baby was sleeping” projects, and was not too hard to put together at all! So, go ahead and give it a try!

[This project was dreamed, designed and devised by Sarah Foote, from over at]




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